Monday, July 2, 2012

sitting in work....finally writing blog after almost 2 yrs...

Last time when i wrote my last post,i was in was totally different...full masti and fun with friends in college....but now life has changed..sitting alone in office doing work in front of pc.Life has changed.All my friends are in office in diff states.all are busy.

Now life has become so boring.daily same type of work...i have not completed one yr yet and got bored.God knows what would going to happen after few yrs.

These days i am looking for house.its really tough finding house on rent even it is harder when u don't know the local language..oh i forgot to write that know i am in bangalore...Asking people door to door that is their anY empty flat available for rent..and if the person u are asking don't understand the language then it becomes tougher. I had spent my last week in search of house still not succeeded .

what was the life before one year and what now it has become.i wish science made some time machine so that i can go back in my past and be with my family and friends once again.