Thursday, August 26, 2010

From my side...what i feel..don't know abt others..:(

Sitting online, and scrolling down your list of "onlines"...staring at all the names of all the people you once called friends..watching,and just waiting for something to pop up on your screen. Maybe a casual 'hello' or some a random conversation starter. but nothing comes up. and then for a second it crosses your mind that maybe you should strike up a conversation with them? But you realize that it wouldn't matter either way, because even if you did, the conversation wouldn't go anywhere. so you just sit and stare at the names. you sit and wonder where the friendship went, where the good times flew off to, and how something so amazing can just die off. you sit and think about how it used to there once was a time when as soon as you signed on, they began talking to you..and you can't help but think, 'maybe there is something seriously wrong with me.' but there isn't anything you can do, is there? it's not so easy to try and pick up something where you left's like trying to pick up a broken heart. after awhile, you just begin to realize that for once there isn't really anything you can do; except sit there, staring at their screen name, hoping and praying that one day, they'll see you the way they used to. 

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  1. nice post, liked the originality and soberness of the thought..!